NS Stations

15% increase of cleaning quality at NS – Dutch railways

NS manages, operates and develops more than 400 stations and station areas in the Netherlands. In many facility processes, the judgement of the traveler is crucial. From research, NS knows that a clean and safe image of stations can make the difference between travelling by train or not. Toilets play an important role in this.

The assignment

Managing the ratio of customer opinion to costs

NS asked INPRC to find a solution that would enable them to manage the relationship between customer satisfaction and costs. Through transparent insights. INPRC provided this for 32 stations and 44 unmanned toilets throughout the Netherlands: using data and collaboration (between NS and two facility service providers).

15% increase in cleaning quality

The result so far is a 15% increase in cleaning quality. Based on feedback from travelers. Now, NS knows what is going on: through sensors on the toilets, the use of the INPRC app by cleaners, and the feedback devices. The focus is no longer on technical cleaning quality only, but on the opinion of the traveller.

Numbers tell the tale

1 client
2 facility service providers
32 stations
44 unmanned toilets
900.000 travelers each day
75.000 customer opinions per year

Cost-efficient working thanks to targeted deployment

NS sees at which times passengers give a low or high rating and at which times cleaning is carried out. On the dashboard, they compare this data with each other and discuss with which actions they can influence the customer opinion. Instead of cleaning more, there is more targeted cleaning.

Insight into the future

INPRC’s algorithm predicts which cleaning activities take place at what time based on previous data. Based on the number of passengers per day and per hour, the facility service providers can adjust their schedule. This prevents future negative feedback from travelers.

Our solutions

All parties have 24/7 insight into the status of the toilets. The data provides continuous insight into cleaning quality, toilet use and the cleaning activities of the staff.

  • NS monitors customer satisfaction 24/7
  • On the dashboard, they can see at a glance at which stations action is necessary
  • Cleaning staff use the INPRC app to send feedback on any malfunctions, such as a broken toilet seat
  • Travelers easily provide feedback using 3 smileys on the feedback devices

Plan, do, check, act

Based on these data insights, various options for action can be identified: to get better traveler reviews and to save costs.

Increasing the number of cleaning activities
Strategically spreading cleaning activities throughout the day
Applying odor neutralizers
Closing toilets at night
Solve technical problems earlier
Adding surprise elements
Focusing on the quality of the cleaning activities

By working with our partners on smart data solutions, INPRC brings us closer to our dream of providing every traveler with a safe and clean journey. Time and time again, we get to know our travelers and their needs better and can predict future behavior more accurately.

Erik Diks
Manager Facilities and Operations stations NS