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Would you like to gain 100% influence over the improvement of facility processes? Become one of the first to actually manage the relationship between customer satisfaction and costs. We innovate facility services, data driven. Plan-do-check-act. Reinvented.

Trusted by the Netherlands’ largest public transport company.

Provide insight

What is crucial for your business?

Customer satisfaction
How do you gain insight on customer satisfaction if customers can’t give feedback in an easy and accessible way?
Work more efficiently
How do you help facility employees work more efficiently and sustainably if you don’t know exactly what is going on?
How do you make processes and daily work easier, so that job satisfaction is paramount?

The revolution has already begun

It’s time to look at facility processes differently

Data driven

Our solutions

Smart. Smarter. Smartest: the intelligence of our software makes our solution unique. The algorithm converts raw data into reliable predictions. As a result, action can be taken to make facility services more efficient and more effective in the future. In other words: better quality at a lower cost. Above all: with this software, you can prevent future problems and negative customer feedback.

Data driven

We take care of everything

We combine sensors from clients with our own sensors. And connect them with each other.
Feedback devices
Customers can give feedback in an easy and accessible way. Simple with the help of 3 smileys.
Facility employees are our ears and eyes. The INPRC app helps then relay information (e.g., the work they did, any malfunctions, etc.) quickly.
All data is translated to easy-to-understand information. The Dashboard is the place where all information becomes transparent, real-time, and available 24/7 for all users.
Our unique software translates raw data into information, advice, and predictions: targeted actions that ensure better cleaning quality at a lower cost.
Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning is faster, smarter, and mort fun thanks to the LMS. People win your organization will benefit from all the knowledge we acquire.

Who we are

We do this for a reason

“Only reliable metrics lead to more transparency and fewer discussions and risks.”

– Victor van der Wal, founder INPRC


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Do you want to experience “live” how you can get grip on facility processes? Request a demonstration by sending an e-mail to Victor or calling us. We will show you how our solution works by logging into a test environment. This way, you can see with your own eyes what insights you will gain on your facility processes.