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Public transport

Poor hygiene, broken facilities and wrong signing are big dissatisfiers on public transport. Clean and safe stations and airports make the difference between travelling by train, plane, tram, bus or metro.

Work with facility partners in one system. Gain joint insight into how to work in a more targeted, efficient, and sustainable way.

Case Dutch Railways (NS)

Read how the largest Dutch provider of public transport now focuses their facility processes on the customer’s opinion. And how they improved their cleaning quality by 15% at 32 stations, based on customer feedback.

Buildings and leisure

Hygiene, safety, sustainability. Do you have to deal with these topics often as facility manager? In addition to all your other tasks? Requirements are becoming stricter. At the same time, expectations of visitors and employees are increasing. Working harder is not the solution. Worker smarter, though, is. It starts with insight. What’s going on in the buildings you manage? How many people use the workspaces and amenities, such as toilets? And what do they think? Align your facility processes with insight.

Amusement parks and museums

For an amusement park manager, good customer reviews are crucial. Gain insight into when something is dirty or broken. And set up your processes in such a way that you prevent this in the future. Work more efficiently and sustainably and create a great customer experience.


To describe the importance of hygiene in healthcare, no explanation is needed. Hospital-related infections still occur. Prevent unsanitary situations by gaining insight into vulnerable places.

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