Our solution

We offer you full grip

How are the facility processes of your organizational set up? To use our total solution, it doesn’t matter. We deliver tailor-made solutions. We combine your existing data and sensors with new data and sensors. Then we connect everything and everyone with our software. You only have to decide how you’ll manage the relationship between customer satisfaction and costs. You set up the facility processes. We’ll do the rest.

What are you willing to pay for customer satisfaction?

Compare customer satisfaction rating with costs

A solution in which NS can manage the relationship between customer satisfaction and costs. Based on data-driven insights.

All you have to do is make decisions based on the report we send you

Save time and effort
Let data, technology, and software do the hard work for you.
Get advice in the form of actions
Numbers tell the truth. Data informs which actions need to be taken.
We work with facility companies.

How we do this

We take care of everything

We use your sensors and supplement them with ours.
Feedback devices
Our devices collect feedback to tell you about customer satisfaction.
We link your data with our data.
Instructions for facility staff
With the INPRC app, facility employees know exactly what is expected of them.
Work together on a process. Continue to learn about improvements with our Learning Management System. Do it smarter and have more fun.


The place where everything comes together. Sensors, data, customer feedback, and information from cleaners. Everything translated into clear and easy-to-understand information.

Facility employees app

With the INPRC-App, cleaning staff provide feedback about any malfunctions or broken appliances.


INPRC Appstore


Feedback devices

The simpler, the better. Travelers provide feedback by pressing 1 out of 3 smileys. We then translate this customer opinion into a score.


Data personalized for every function

Our solution is about working better together. By gaining shared insight. Each party will receive the necessary information to perform their tasks. Whether it concerns the contract manager who can better manage agreements, the object leader who can proactively steer on quality and effectiveness, or the facility employee who knows what the customer’s needs are.

But there is more

Let the rhythm speak

Our algorithm helps you predict which solutions will be needed in the future.


Learning Management System

Learning becomes faster, smarter, and more fun. With our Learning Management System, people in your organization benefit from the knowledge we gain in the field of customer satisfaction and efficient working. In this learning environment, all data is converted into practical training. Videos, quizzes, and various challenges help participants to better understand the needs of their customers and work more efficiently.
What’s more, the Learning Management System is specifically translated to the needs of each position: manager, object leader or facility employee.

Data security

The IBM Cloud used by INPRC provides an unparalleled level of information and data security for storing your data. In addition to information and data security, the IBM cloud also provides INPRC with unique data intelligence by using high-end data analysis tools (Watson) from IBM.


Ready for an introduction and demonstration?

Experience for yourself how you can get grip on your facility processes. We will come by and log into the test environment with you. We will explain how our total solution works and what it costs. Interested? Send us a message or call Victor.

Better in so many ways

The grip you get on your facility processes with INPRC leads to a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.

Behavioral change
If the environment is clean, people will think twice about throwing away their candy bar packaging.
A sustainable world
Time is scarce. Just like raw materials. We don’t want to use more than we need to achieve a high level of quality.
Hygiene requirements
The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that hygiene can make the difference between health and illness.

We strongly believe that the environment can impact the behavior of people. We see behavior change through the effect of smell, color, and music. It is something to keep in mind when making plans to improve customer satisfaction

Robert Jansen
CEO/Founder Marble Research