Mastercleaners and Circuitpark Zandvoort want nothing less than the best

Mastercleaners is a cleaning company that has grown into a versatile service provider for customers throughout the Randstad. Every day, around 250 employees are working in clients’ houses and many other places. The company wants to live up to its clients’ expectations and they take great responsibility in doing so. Mastercleaners believes that a good relationship with their clients is as important as being a good employer to their employees. Moreover, Mastercleaners is committed to working sustainably.

They work for multiple clients, one of them being Circuit Zandvoort, which we all know from Formula 1. Circuit Zandvoort perceives (cleaning-)services as one of the preconditions for optimal customer satisfaction. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Circuit Zandvoort every year and they expect a reliable and safe visit. Hygienic sanitary facilities are a central component of this. However, there was a lack of data to meet these goals. Therefore, Mastercleaners called upon us. And we, INPRC, are helping them to guarantee a 24/7 clean and hygienic environment at Circuit Zandvoort.